We are proud to unveil Vuem, the digital workplace for the fashion industry. Vuem is ready for worldwide company after three years of preparation with a beta clients like Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange.t

With Comb Studio we design and produce the entire


How we can make easier the daily work of Visual Merchandisers around the globe without losing the long-term goals. Where to organize and store reports, store details, and stakeholders in different branches?


We organize the process of an entire department to be scalable for others groups.

they said

Improve the form experience after a recent rebrand.

Discovery Workshop, In-Depth Interview, User Flow, Wireframe, Prototype Test, MVP, Quality Assirance, Kaizen, Project Management
From end to end, from UX to Go to Market
Home | A welcome from your best assistant with all the news guidelines, the latest reports, the stores and the people you work with. Always at your fingertips.
People | The aligned team revolves around people, their responsibilities, their activities. The activities of an individual can be an inspiration to many.
Reports | The report becomes even more efficient, interactive with a faster approval flow to improve processes. Arrange reports according to your templates and publish in the regions or brands you prefer.
Edit reports.
Stores | A single data container for the store: reports performance staff and useful documents.
News | Informing, sharing, increasing team membership and disseminating the corporate culture.
Guidelines | Guidelines, documents. Creativity and productivity they meet.
Management Panel | Manage groups or individual users quickly and intuitively. Keep track of licences, activations and get valuable activity statistics.