Jo Diaries from Future

Jo is a diary of the present, the past and the future.
Jo has historical memory and intends to enlighten it.
Jo crosses time to bring distant moments closer.
Jo is a line like a chronology and an abstract drawing like a constellation.

For each issue we choose a year and retrace the episodes, which become the starting point from which articles and stories move.


Jo wants to explore the world traveling time. This issue is about 1918. We were asked to take a printed book to digital. How can we bring the experience of a book in the digital world?


Books is a system of information and interaction: we analyze it and we transform into digital devices. For example books are made of pages but is a seamless experience. We decided that a continuous scroll was the best to give freedom of choice through these “pages”.

Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Production
Design System, Social Media
Project page mobile version.
Some peek from the calendar.
Article cover.
Article and carousel.
Mobile version.
A newlsetter.
Social Media Strategy.